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Garden Services

Residential and commercial 

A field of cut grass, one of Norton Gardens garden services.

Grass Cutting

We will keep your grass trimmed and fresh all year round as mowing  is one of the most important and frequent jobs to maintaining a healthy lawn.

A manicured garden that has been mowed into lines. In the background is a large house.

We offer all year round lawn care including;

-Moss control




-Weed removal

A meadow of primarily red poppies

Wild Flower Meadows

Always wondered what to do with that unutilised part of your garden? Here at Norton's Gardens we believe that a meadow can bring any area to life. Whether it's a small corner plot or a large unused space, we can turn it into a wildlife haven. 

Leaves being blown by someone with a leaf blower.

Leaf Clearance

In the Autumn and Winter months, leaf clearance is vital to keep your garden looking tidy and makes a great addition to compost bins. 

A dog sleeping next to a small bonfire made of logs and sticks

Woodland Management

We will maintain any of your surrounding woodland to conserve and enhance biodiversity. 

A dog next to a garden. The garden has had fresh soil added to it.


Mulching has many benefits including, appearance, improving soil condition, suppressing weeds and water retention during the summer months. We can advise which type of mulch is best suited for your soil type and garden.

A garden of bright coloured flowers

Border Care

Whether its a large herbaceous bed, shrub border or rockery, we will keep it looking in peak condition all year round.

A well maintained garden with closely manicured hedges and a pond.

Hedge Cutting

We have years of experience in all types of hedge cutting and management. 

A tree without any leaves. There is a man on a ladder in the tree pruning the branches


Pruning is essential to maximising a plant or shrubs appearance and flowering time. All of our staff are experienced in fulfilling these requirements.

A garden outside a large house. There are a series of potted plants.


Whether you want a complete new garden design or just a freshen up of the borders, we can supply and plant everything you need.  

A man is standing on the edges of a lake with a strimmer cutting reeds.

Pond and Lake Maintenance

Management of your lakes and ponds is fundamental to ensure unwanted aquatic plants don't take over.

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